Out Now: Bloodline - Werewolf Training - LP


Bloodline - Werewolf Training

B&E Productions proudly presents the Vinyl version of Bloodline's debut album
"Werewolf Training",originally released as CD in 2003 by Selbstmord Services.
A re-issue of the CD will follow shortly.

Recording Line Up

Sasrof - Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Set Teitan - Guitars
Nysrok Infernalien - Keyboards, Programming
Nigris - Bass
Nattefrost - Vocals

Vinyl Details

- LP Sleeve (thick cardboard)
- Printed Innersleeve (cardboard)
- black vinyl (lim. 400) - PICTURE
- red vinyl    (lim. 100) - PICTURE


Werewolf Training by Blut & Eisen Productions

Season of the predator by Blut & Eisen Productions

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Bloodline - Werewolf Training - LP