Out Now: Barshasketh / Outre - Sein / Zeit - LP


Barshasketh / Outre - Sein / Zeit - LP

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This conceptual split takes inspiration from the work of Martin Heidegger, more specifically from the 1927 book Sein & Zeit. This seminal philosophical text, which attempts to get to grips with the meaning of being, provides the basis for an exploration of fundamental questions that underpin our understanding of human existence, with each band taking one of the two main themes.

SEIN (Barshasketh) concerns creating one’s own purpose in a world without any objective truth or meaning. It deals with the process of pushing further and further inward to discover true will, sacrificing solace and unnecessary comforts along the way. As with all Barshasketh material, there is an element of facing and mastering darker aspects of the self in order to strengthen the spirit. The concept of Sein is that after facing such parts of the self, and pushing further introspectively beyond return, true will and purpose will be discovered.

ZEIT (Outre) The now, the past and the future are all one. We exist in one consolidated frame of past events and future points that are about to become. Our being is expressed throught the time that flows through us. No one was and no one shall be. We are temporary. As the being. As the time.

"Sein / Zeit" was released in collaboration with Third Eye Temple and is available in three editions, one with black vinyl, one with marble black/white vinyl (140 copies) and white vinyl (80 copies).