Funeral Throne - Threshold



Titel: Funeral Throne - Threshold
Release Date: 15th of September, 2015
Format: CD, LP & Digital (Vinyl version tbr at a later point)
Catalogue Nr.: B&E.085


BLUT & EISEN PRODUCTIONS is proud to present FUNERAL THRONE's second album,Threshold. Originally released last year on a very limited cassette edition, Threshold is now being unleashed upon a wider audience to weave its spell. And what a spell FUNERAL THRONE harness here, a heaving mass of palpably physical energy yet one brimming with harrowing, hypnotic intent. Many of the song titles across Threshold - "Resurrection," "Through Transforming Fire," "Hypnotic Coils," and "Vessel" among them - paint a vivid picture of its contents; in fact, even the title of Threshold itself speaks volumes about the simultaneous ascent/descent the band undertake. Wrapped in a living/breathing style of production often missing from modern black metal - or even modern metal, in general - Threshold surges and pulses with a potency that's true heavy metal at its heart, stripped of degenerate Everyman cliche and shot through with the devilishness 'n' diabolism of idiomatic spiritual black metal. The Threshold presents itself - will you step beyond with FUNERAL THRONE?"


1. Resurrection
2. Through Transforming Fire
3. Victory
4. Hypnotic Coils
5. Vessel
6. Novus Ortus
7. I) Gateway To Lucifer; II) Gateway To The Eye


J. Wilcox - Lead Guitar and Vocals
J. Welch  - Bass Guitar and Vocals
B. Williams - Lead Guitar
R. Wakelam - Drums and Percussion


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