Eternum - Veil of Ancient Darkness


Titel: Eternum - Veil of Ancient Darkness
Release Date: 18 October 2014
Format Jewelcase CD 


European version of Eternum's sold out debut full fength album "Veil of Ancient Darkness", offering hateful,epic, and barbaric Black Metal from this Australia Horde. In the vein of the infamous Polish hordes of the 90s!

Originally released via Dark Adversary Productions, limited to 500 copies.


1.Tyrannos Regnare in Aeternum         
2.As Black Smoke Covers the Sun          
3.Blood Spirit         
4.Ghosts of Warriors in the Dead of Night          
5.Shores of the Impaled          
6.Dark Unholy Empire         
7.Burial of Heroes         
8.The Iron Winter          
9.As the Ravens Watch the Battle


Eternum - Veil of Ancient Darkness - CD