Barshasketh (United Kingdom)


Krigeist - Guitars,Vocals
GM - Guitars
BH - Drums
BB - Bass


BARSHASKETH was formed in 2007 as a solo-project by Krigeist with the intention of creating pure black metal, intentionally free of genre cross-pollination: second-wave blasphemy re-imagined and reinterpreted through extensive use of layering and counterpoint. After two well-received demos via Wolfsvuur Records, the debut album Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom emerged in 2010. Following the release of the first full-length, Krigeist relocated to Scotland after travelling through southeast Asia. After settling there, he went about piecing together a live lineup, and a series of live performances followed, culminating with a show in support of Negative Plane. Out of this live lineup, GM (guitars and vocals) was made a permanent member and BH was recruited on drums. This trio recorded the second full-length, Sitra Achra, released in 2013 through Todestrieb Records. After recruiting bassist BB on bass, the lineup was complete, and BARSHASKETH recorded two split EPs in quick succession. The band went on to record a third full-length, Ophidian Henosis, at the infamous Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm. This most recent full-length undoubtedly presents the band’s finest work to date and showcases a new level of musical and lyrical maturity. Extolling an adversarial spirituality, these seven hymns of darkness evangelize the impure and the obscene.


2009 - As Flesh Becomes Earth - Demo         
2009 - Barshasketh - Demo 
2010 - Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thraldom - Full-length 
2013 - Sitra Achra - Full-length 
2014 - Krawwl ​ / ​Barshasketh - Split Tape   
2015 - Barshasketh / Void Ritual - Split Tape
2015 - Ophidian Henosis - Full-length


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Blut&Eisen Prod. Releases

Ophidian Henosis - B&E.084 (To Be Released, 30th of July, 2015!)
Full-length Album - 2015 - CD, LP, Digital